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X Factor wants the souls of your children

We felt very disturbed watching X Factor at the weekend.  All this chair swapping is not good. The talent show is playing with the minds of young people.  It is bad enough that the contestants buy into the extremely unlikely chance of becoming a success from this show.  From the few notable successes from this program (namely One Direction), and a few other acts, thousands and thousands of people are disappointed.  To really make it in the music industry is very rare, you need to be able to sing like Adele or Jessie J, or sing and look like Rihanna, and none of these stars went the talent show route.  The ‘reality’ show is edited to within a inch of its life, ruining any real spontaneity.  We don’t know if the judges were acting although they probably were, but this has not done Cheryl or Mel B any good, it has just made them look like heartless bitches.  Cheryl seems to have gone from a nice girl to a spoilt woman, who has been to famous for to long, and has lost touch with reality.  The audience were so wound up they were baying for blood, all they needed was to send in the lions. Girls in the audience were crying over boy bands they had known for literally five minuets, the show was madness, how far will this show go for ratings.  We have always been big fans of X Factor but on Saturday night we will be switching over to Strictly.