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Twitter war between #KellyBrook and #ChanelleHayes!

Yet again two celebs are using twitter for public bashing of each other.  Chanelle Hayes has sent warnings to Kelly Brook regarding her action man looking boyfriend David McIntosh.  Firstly Chanelle is so z list Kelly should be embarrassed she even has dated the same man.  We had to google Chanelle to remind us who she was!  Kelly as so many people keep telling her, is way out of David’s league. David is currently in the big brother house, so of course Chanelle has jumped on the press bandwagon in an attempt to gain a bit of publicity for herself. Chanelle warimagens Kelly that David is a tight ass and took her to Pizza Hut and made her pay for her own meal. Chanelle today told the Sun that David is a fame hungry scrounger!

Here for your enjoyment are the tweets:




















@IAMKELLYBROOK fiancé to go in celebrity @bbuk

Rumour has it that Kelly Brook’s action man lookalike fiancé,  is going into celebrity big brother.  One mag even reported this is to up his profile away from her! Celeb BB usually ups your profile for about 3 mins with a few exceptions such as Rylan.  Pre Kelly, David hit the news for crashing a van full of dead badgers into a bus stop, I know don’t ask.  Kelly who wisely worked out after twelve whole weeks, that womaniser and driver of dead badgers David McIntosh, is the man who she wants to spend the rest of her with, is not doing her image any good at all.  The beautiful pair probably deserve each other, can only imagine the fight to get to the mirror in their house.