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There is a leaked sex tape staring #laurengoodger!

imageWe never could understand why Lauren Goodger gets so much press.  Lauren is completely irrelevant, she has not been in anything for years, until now!  Lauren crashes back into our consciousness in a sex tape.  Yes folks, now before you get to excited, this tape lasts for a whole six seconds of  Lauren performing a sex act on some bloke called Jake Maclean, who strangely looks a bit like Lauren’s ex Mark Wright, but we digress.  Apparently this epic six second movie has been shared by at least 34 mobile phone users. We have been searching the internet, for research purposes obviously, and cannot find the damn thing anywhere.  Lauren says she is very embarrassed and has said the bloke in question has texted her an apology, what a gentleman.  Isn’t this just one big coincidence that this tape surfaces, just as Lauren is rumored to be going in celeb big brother house.