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Ladies of London Uk airing!

We are officially  very excited.  The gorgeous Caroline Stanbury has just posted on Instagram a photo of herself, and two other cast mimageembers of the fabulous show Ladies of London, at ITV studios.  Caroline hashtags other members of the cast saying #backon #ukherewecome #filming and were back!  So at last a UK airing of this fabulous programme.  This is an American made reality show, which is based in London.  We have lost count how many times we have been asked, why is a show about the upmarket London social scene not shown on UK TV.  The reason for this is the show is made by the American channel Bravo.  We used to be able to get Bravo here in England some years ago, but for some reason it was taken off Sky, and is sadly missed by reality TV fans.  So we have had to wait for an English company to buy the programme, and this has been done by ITV.  And you are all in for a treat.  Most of the Ladies are American who live in London and have English Partners.  The few English Ladies of the cast look on with despair, at the exuberance and brashness of the Americans.  This show is glamoroimageus and bitchy, while snobbery and social climbing are all played out against the backdrop of the London Social Calendar.