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The top ten tips for losing and keeping off excess weight

We all start diets with good intentions, but so often crash and burn. Here are ten tips to make your goal’s realistic and keep you on track.

1. Yes we know you have heard this one before, but eat breakfast! Do not stave yourself, you will not stick to it. Your body needs fuel, eat protein (bacon, eggs), plus a small amount of carbs such as a slice of wholemeal toast and get your metabolism going for a productive day.

2. Photograph yourself in your underwear. You can look at this photo to encourage yourself to keep on track. And also how nice to have a before and after photo.

3. Make your own lunch. You can control what goes into the food. Also this is often a cheaper option and can be more tasty. Chicken pieces cooked in the oven with your seasoning, and served with salad and avocado, makes a nutritious and tasty lunch. Or wholemeal sandwiches, you can go easy on the mayonnaise and salad cream put in sandwiches by manufacturers.

4. Be prepared. Carry healthy snacks such as nuts and seeds or fruit. If you let yourself get to hungry this is where you may reach for a quick fix such as cakes or chocolate.

5. Be realistic, sometimes you are going to cheat. If you deny yourself to much you may not stick to your diet and not obtain your goals. Maybe choose a cheat night, such as Saturday when you are relaxing. This way you can stick to your plan knowing you can have a splurge sometimes.

6. Go for a brisk walk after meals, 15 mins at a good pace can burn off 100 calories. Use this time for positive thinking, your mind needs to be strong as well as your body.

7. Do not go shopping hungry. Make sure you shop after a meal, you will make more sensible choices.

8. I stress again, you should not feel over hungry. We know so much more about food than we used to. Eat well, fill up on veg, nuts, seeds and lean protein. You need to change what you eat, not starve yourself.

9. Don’t eat heavy meals late at night, give your body time to digest. Your metabolism slows down when you sleep, therefore storing food as fat.

10. Have goals, maybe you have a social event coming up, or your birthday. Just think how good you will feel having obtained your ideal figure. Why should the next woman look better than you. Be the best you can be.