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@NicolaMclean husband gets caught cheating on video

It’s been one sleazy week in celeb land this week.  First it came to light that Danielle Lloyd’s husband, has been dipping his paw into a few different cookie jars.  Today we have found out that Nicola McLean’s husband, has been caught on video smooching up to another woman, who definitely is not his wife while on holiday in Las Vegas. It has to be said, it is never a good idea to let your husband go on a lads holiday to Las Vegas, just asking for trouble.  It has now come to light that their is actual video evidence, captured on film by a sneaky passer by, who must of realised who he was.  Actually to be honest we don’t know who he is, apparently he plays football and is Nicola’s husband.  We do know Nicola is a feisty little vixen, because we watch big brother, and said husband better watch out.