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@TheLuluLife LuisaZissman 2015 Calender shots!

Luisa Zissman’s calendar you know is going to be hot.  Saucy little minx Luisa is just loved by men.  The reason for this popularity we think is because she just looks naughty, and of course her gorgeous figure.  It has been noticed lately that Luisa has not done any men’s mag shoots.  Is this a conscious decision by Luisa?  She has just announced on Instagram that this is going to be her one and only calendar.  So Luisa fans make the most of this calendar, it is on sale now at image


#Luisa Zissman posts busty cleavage shot and puts out feelers she’s interested in doing playboy

Not really a suprise that Luisa Zissman has let it be known she is interested in posing for playboy.  The sexy little minx has a seriously hot body, due to a strict workout regime.  Luisa who is not know for being shy and retiring grabs all opportunities thrown her way.  Luisa has been posting sexy photos of herself on Instagram, this one in a racy lowcut bra.











@TheLuluLife Luisa Zissman has a very inspirational body!!

Luisa Zissman is an inspiration, everything she does is with full on passion.  Already a successful business woman, she also has a killer body.   Today Luisa striped off to promote Protein World a diet supplement brand, showing off her toned healthy gorgeous body.

imagePhoto: Protein World