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@KTHopkins Katie hates fatties! Now she has gained 3 stone!

Love her or hate her, (we love her), Katie Hopkins always inspires strong opinions.  One of Katie’s pet hates are fat people.  Katie has no sympathy for anyone overweight saying they only have themselves to blame, and that fat people always have excuses when they should be eating less and exercising more.  Well this morning when checking out what Katie is ranting about today on twitter, (we do this daily for our own amusement, she is hilarious), we were horrified to find out that the usually svelte Katie had put on three stone by stuffing her face.  Could this really be true?  Our first thought was this was a joke and she had been photo shopped.  But no Katie has really become a tubby.  After further investigation it turns out that she has put on three stone on purpose for a television program, and will be showing all us less disciplined mortals how to shape up and lose weight.  Katie always says it how it is so be prepared for some tough love.  Should be an interesting program.