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Beautiful model Sui He gets ready for Victoria Secret Show.

It’s a few days to go until the most exciting catwalk show of the year!  Gorgeous Sui He has been working out in preparation for the tiny outfits, she will wear on the Victoria Secret catwalk.  Sui is only the second model of Chinese decent to walk the show, and this will be her fourth time appearing in the show.  Sui is known in the modeling world for her kind polite and gracious personality, proving Sui is beautiful inside and out.

















The top ten tips to losing and keeping off the weight



We all start diets with good intentions, but so often crash and burn.  Here are ten tips to make your goal’s realistic and keep you on track.

1. Yes we know you have heard this one before, but eat breakfast! Do not stave yourself you will not stick to it.  Your body needs fuel, eat protein (bacon, eggs), plus a small amount of carbs such as a slice of whole meal toast and get your metabolism going for a productive day.

2. Photograph yourself in your underwear.  You can look at this photo to encourage yourself to keep on track.  And also how nice to have a before and after photo.

3. Make your own lunch.  You can control what goes into the food.  Also this is often a cheaper option and can be more tasty.  Chicken pieces cooked in the oven with your seasoning, and served with salad and…

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