Katie Price’s husband in multiple cheating shocker!!

There are no limits to publicity grabber Katie Price.  What would be a tragedy to a normal human being, is another amazing opportunity for publicity, and yet more money for this classy lady.  Katie as we are sure you know, (unless you live in a cave, and read a sensible newspaper like the financial times), has been cheated on by her latest husband.  Kieran is a stripper by profession, which maybe should have rang alarm bells for multi-millionaire Katie.  Last night Katie took to twitter, to make sure we all knew more details on her dubious life.  Katie who had a lot to get off her pumped up chest, slagged off two of her former friends, who she says have been shagging her husband.  These two horny tarts have supposedly been shagging her husband in cars, and on kitchen worktops or wherever else they can find a bit of space!  One of these tarts is so horny she is even shagging a man who works for Walls ice cream, now we know it’s hot, but just how far will a girl go for a 99.






Anyway it has all ended well in the Pricey household, because Katie’s husband is not a lying, cheating piece of trash after all.  Katie’s husband has been diagnosed by an expert as having a sex addiction.  Katie has wisely said that with a life time of therapy they can all continue to play happy families.






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